Want to get our CMCS Tweets texted right to your phone? AND you don't need a twitter account to get them! Follow the instructions below:

Simply send the following text message to 40404:  Follow CMCSLA

Here is the link about it from Twitter's website: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170004

IMPORTANT All requests must be made online before 1pm, Monday- Friday.

Dual Stop Request Form

Do you need to make a change to your AM or PM bus stop?  Fill out this form and bring it to school.  You will need to continue with your assigned route until the request has been confirmed by Transportation.  Changes will not be made during the first week of school.

Change of Bus Route

If you need to change your child's bus route (I no longer what to use Green, please switch me to Purple), you will need to contact transportation services at (310) 391-4189.  Be sure to have route numbers with you when you call...they are not familiar with our color system.

The following routes are at capacity and cannot accept new riders at this time.

  • 5273 (Yellow)
  • 5274 (Orange)
  • 5276 (Purple)


Here are a few tips to consider as we work through some challenges with bus transportation:

General Tips:

  • Call 1-800-LA-BUSES for information regarding route delays. This is the same number the school calls for information.
  • Please arrive at your stop 5 minutes before your scheduled AM departure time and 10 minutes before PM pick up time.
  • Create a phone/texting tree to alert families at your stop and other stops on your route about delays.
  • Add a trusted parent to your emergency form so they may receive your child should you be running late or need to leave in the morning.
  • Follow our Twitter updates at https://twitter.com/CMCSLA.

In the Morning

  • PARENTS SHOULD NEVER LEAVE THEIR CHILD UNATTENDED. Do not leave the bus stop until your child has departed for school.
  • Have one parent at your stop call 1-800-LA-BUSES if your bus is delayed. Dispatch will provide information and the estimated time of arrival.
  • One parent at the bus stop can call school to alert our staff of any delays. We will ‘tweet’ information as soon as possible.
  • Create a backup plan and make the decision to wait, drive to school, or carpool.

In the Afternoon:

  • Follow our “tweets” for information regarding any route absorptions (splits) and departure times from school (https://twitter.com/cmcsla).
  • Be at your stop before the estimated arrival time.
  • Have a plan for who will receive your child at the stop if you are unexpectedly running late. Make sure that person is listed on your emergency card in our Main Office.

Download the 'Bus Tips &  Information Flyer'

Please call 1-800-LA-BUSES for information regarding route delays.