What is a Paperwork Palooza? The “Palooza” is a chance for families to pick up school information and stay to talk with parents and staff members about important start of school topics.  No more waiting by the mailbox!  No more confusion about paperwork!  Now we can do it in person.

Head to school and:

  • Attend a New Family Orientation at 1pm.
  • Find out your teacher for next year!
  • Fill out your First Day Transportation Form and get a bus tag.
  • Alert school staff about health concerns, etc.
  • Fill out a Pledge Form.
  • Sign up for a committee.
  • Hang out with CMCS families and staff members!

We are asking all families to come to school on Wednesday, August 8th from 2-4 PM and pick up the opening packet.  We will not pass out information any sooner than 2 PM.  Please try your best to be here.  We’d like to eliminate the cost of postage and all of the lost mail.  If your family absolutely cannot attend, you can pick up your packet starting Thursday, August 10 (picking up on the morning of August 9 will not be allowed). Student information can only be given to a parent or guardian so packets will not be given to friends, etc.

The Paperwork Palooza is "Open House" style so feel free to drop in anytime between 2PM and 4PM.  Kona Ice will be on campus selling treats for the family and teachers will be present to talk with as well.  New families are highly encouraged to attend the orientation meeting at 1 PM.

Spread the word about the Palooza!  We want to be sure everyone gets the information and joins us at school.  Hope to see you on August 8th!