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Students of the Week!


Week of 08/20 - 08/23

Student Reason Teacher, Room

Neema Septuri For being kind, respectful and so cheerful on her first week of kindergarten. Marie, Rm. 5

Edwin Jung For starting the school year with a great attitude. Fanahi, Rm. 6

Josephine Goldman For being respectful, responsible and trustworthy. Maria, Rm. 7

Cyrus Shahdadi For being a helpful friend to the new students in our class! Tracy R., Rm. 21

Ella Kim For being helpful and supportive to others! Sherry, Rm. 22

Taj Amin-Jolly For a spectacular start to the school year! Kathi, Rm. 24

Samantha Goldman For catching a detail her class missed and confidently leading a math game. Terri, Rm. 8

Kayden Hong For having such an awesome first week and bringing so much to our classroom conversations! Rosie, Rm. 9

Bruce Garcia For great job making connections! Thank you for bringing a book to share. Margot, Rm. 10

Abbey Fabian For being an enthusiastic learner, an eager helper and helping to make the first week great! Sebastian, Rm. 17

Ian Sim For being such a responsible and respectful student. Welcome to CMCS! Gabriella, Rm. 18

Luca Benincasa For demonstrating active listening skills during lessons and in conversations with his desk partner! Chai, Rm. 20 .

Olivia Zhu For the courage and heart you bring to your new school! Tracy K., Rm. 15

Gavin Cheung For having such a great first week at CMCS! Jackie, Rm. 16

Alvin Song For having a terrific start to the fourth grade at his new school. Paul, Rm. 25

Amani Blackston . For having a positive attitude and infinite patience. Brandon, Rm. 3

Ella Shalhoub For your enthusiastic attitude and a great first week of 5th grade. Danielle, Rm. 13

Wyatt Malkin For a phenomenal first week at Community! We're glad you're here! Kirsten, Rm. 14

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