Valet Safety

Valet Safety

It is imperative that everyone follow proper procedure with regard to the valet service. It has come to our attention that parents are walking students from the school to cars parked in the visitor’s lot and walking with students between the parked buses. For the safety of ALL students, please abide by the following rules both in the morning (7:30-8:15) and afternoon (2:15-3:00)!

DO NOT enter through the exit gate. Enter only through the east gate.

Children are NOT allowed in the parking lot during the carpool hours

(7:30am-8:15am and 2:15pm-3:00pm).

ALL students should load and unload at the curbside only. In the morning, please drop your student at the valet curb, and then park in the visitor’s lot if you are staying on campus. If you are parked in the school lot in the afternoon, your student must wait at valet for you to pull your car around.  You do not have to go to the end of the valet line; simply pull around to the valet curb.  The valet attendant will direct you.

NEVER walk a student between the parked buses! The valet attendant will cross you and your student to the other side if your car is parked on the street.

NEVER leave your car unattended in the valet line.

DO NOT try to drive between the buses and the line of valet cars.

Be patient when using the valet service.

Drive SLOWLY on school grounds.

Please, let’s all remember that even if you are in a rush, it’s important to be civil and courteous…our kids are watching! Thank you for your cooperation.

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