Welcome to our 1st Grade Corner! Here you'll find short bios on our teachers and blogs dedicated to this grade. Read on to learn more about what's happening in the 1st Grade!

Meet our First Grade Teachers


Sherry Burch

Sherry Burch was a parent at Community before she was a teacher here, so she knew how lucky she was when she was hired 22 years ago. She was born and raised in Texas, graduating from Baylor University and then earning her graduate degree from UCLA. Sherry loves teaching and working with the other amazing staff at CMCS. When she is not preparing lessons for her students, you might find her reading, knitting, practicing guitar or piano, or singing.

Click here to check out Sherry’s Room, Sherry’s blog!

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Tracy Ross

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, attending LAUSD schools from Kindergarten through 7th grade. Since starting teaching in the year 2000, I’ve taught 1st through 3rd grade. I came to CMCS in 2007 and feel blessed to be here. I’m a huge proponent of teaching Social Emotional Learning to our kids. If they/we don’t feel good, they/we aren’t going to learn and grow.

Children and listening to music have always been a passion of mine. When I’m not teaching, you can usually find me at the Pilates studio or under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl.


Briana Turner Teaching Assistant

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Kathi Sweet

I’m Kathi Sweet and I teach 1st grade. This is my 10th year teaching at CMCS. Both of my sons attended this school, so I was a parent, a volunteer and a t.a. before teaching here. I enjoy walking, reading, crossword and Kenken puzzles, and yoga. I also love to cook. I get great pleasure from feeding people.


Josh Burch Teaching Assistant