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Rosie Kohn


Margot Page

This year marks the beginning of my 34th year teaching. Over my career I have taught all elementary grades K-5th in Arizona, East LA and South Central LA. I came to CMCS 20 years ago with my daughter Rachael who was entering 2nd grade (she’s now 27 and a PhD student); 4 years later my son Galen began kindergarten here (he’s now 23 and a Master’s degree student).

A fun fact about me is that I am an outrigger canoe paddler and I also help coach the children’s outrigger paddling program. I love to read and talk with friends so one of my favorite parts about teaching is connecting with each of my students and sharing great books together as a class. I feel lucky each and every day to be a part of our wonderful learning community.


Terri Thomas