Community Magnet School Program

Community Magnet Charter School provides a balanced program developed by staff in conjunction with the Instructional Planning Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). This program includes detailed objectives and skill requirements for all grade levels in all academic areas, teacher resource material, and an assessment program, which evaluates student progress. In addition, Community has many activities that enrich the basic educational program. Some of them are listed and described below:

Special Features

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Dramatic Arts Enrichment

  • CATCH Mentoring

  • Positive Nurturing Environment

  • Small School

  • Student Council

  • After-School Enrichment Programs

  • Technology Enrichment Programs

  • Apple Laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks

  • Music Enrichment Programs

  • Discipline Based Art Education

  • Award-Winning Ballroom Dancing Program for 5th Grade

  • Hands-on Science Programs

  • Multicultural Programs

  • Parent Involvement and Leadership

  • Physical Education Programs

  • Social Science/Humanities Focus

  • Weekly Student Recognition

  • Chess Club

  • Garden Club