Welcome to our 3rd Grade Corner! Here you'll find short bios on our teachers and blogs dedicated to this grade. Read on to learn more about what's happening in the 3rd Grade!

Meet our Third Grade Teachers

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Gabriella Frausto

Hello, my name is Gabriella and this is my second year of teaching. Before I began teaching third grade, I was Sherry's student teacher for a semester. I am very passionate about what I do. I enjoy being in the outdoors, going to the movies, traveling, reading, and eating! I love trying new foods!

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Deandre Garrett Teaching Assistant


Anthony Gonzalez Teaching Assistant


Chai Koo

Hi! My name is Chai and I taught third grade for the past four years. Before I became a teacher, I was a teacher's assistant in Kindergarten with Fanahi for seven years. I absolutely love what I do and I feel very blessed to be at this amazing school. I love the Dodgers, modern and contemporary art!

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Sergio Padron Teaching Assistant

Jennifer Correa Teaching Assistant


Sebastian Linh


Natalie Cohen Teaching Assistant