It's Easy Fundraising! Hassle Free! There is NO Additional Cost to You!

CFF has partnered with several organizations to allow a portion of your purchases to be reinvested in our school community.  When you register and shop with the merchants listed below, a portion of your purchase will be donated to Community Families & Friends. This program is not solely limited to family members.  Grandparents, neighbors, and friends can also participate--so spread the word!

Amazon Associates Program

Through Amazon's School Rewards program, we receive up to 10% of every Amazon purchase as long as shoppers use our School Rewards link to access Amazon.

Click here to enter (bookmark it!). Browse and shop as you normally would. The only difference is that now a portion of your purchase will be given back to Community Families & Friends to help fund the CMCS programs our children love so much and should not do without! Products sold at Amazon by other companies also qualify.

Check if your Employer matches contributions

Some employers offer to match the donations their employees make to nonprofit organizations and charitable campaigns. Please click the link below to check and see if your company does. If they do, please let us know so we can help you with the paperwork.

Ralphs Supermarket

Ralphs Supermarket: When you use a Ralphs card at checkout, 1-4% of your purchase will be donated to Friends.  Cards must be registered and renewed each year on or after September 1st. 

Register your Ralphs Card here. Click on Enroll Now and then either Sign in or Create an Account.

Once logged in, search for "Community Magnet School" (organization number 82081).

VONS Pavilions

If you participated last year, renew so our group continues to earn contributions.
1.       Go to eScrip - Shop and earn with your Vons or Pavilions Club Card
2.       Click on “Register my card with escrip!” OR "Yes, Renew!" If you participated last year.
3.       Enter either your phone number, email, or Club Card number
4.       Enter our group name: Community Magnet Charter School and enter your information.
eScrip - Shop and earn with your Vons or Pavilions Club ...
About eScrip eScrip partners with the generous Safeway Companies to help our schools and communities.
If you didn't participate last year, sign up now. Your participation can mean hundreds of dollars for our group.

Box Tops for Education

Clip and save the box tops you have on some of your grocery items to help earn money for the school. Send the box tops to the office for processing.