Hello Community family

I am Kathleen your enrichment art teacher. I am a mixed media artist with a degree in Drawing and Painting. Before I earned my degree in visual art, I was a student of dance and theater for twenty years. In fact, I still dance today! I have worked as a muralist, illustrator and fine artist throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Currently I am working on adult and children’s art activity books which I hope to bring to market.

I first began my relationship with CMCS in 2004, as a parent, when the first of my two daughters started at the school. Back then I was the Art Committee chair, an entity that was responsible for bringing many of the art works to campus including the walkway that leads to the main office, many of the murals, and the totem poles in front of the school. Three of the art works I personally worked on are the butterfly installation at the entrance to school, the lunch area mural, and the black and white mural at the valet area.

My history with the school is something that I hold dear to my heart. I feel CMCS is a family of truly dedicated teachers and administrative staff who work incredibly hard to bring a rich and diverse learning experience to each and every student. Their dedication is only matched by our marvelous parents who work tirelessly to make sure that the school is fully supported in order to achieve its goals. As your art teacher my goal is to develop a curriculum that is focused on curiosity, investigation, technique and practice. Each year we focus on a single topic and explore it through various lenses such as social, emotional, cultural and historical perspectives. The students then create artwork that reflects their own unique point of view. I feel so very lucky to work in an environment that is so supportive and inspiring!


Kathleen Gaudet

Art Specialist